Kelly O’Connell

Director of Projects | Texas Scenic Company – NE

BFA | The Conservatory of Theatre Arts at Webster University
“I’ve benefitted from staff Irene has recruited for my department. Her pool of applicants is always diverse and she offers lots of options, some I hadn’t thought of myself. Irene has found hardworking, dedicated and intelligent professionals. Even those hired in temporary positions have remained in contact, as possible future hires. The main reason I trust Irene is that I was also recruited by her. It was more like working with a friend than a recruiter. We worked together to target my strengths, and I felt like I had all the information necessary to make the right choice for me, while never feeling pressured. In the two year since meeting Irene, I’ve grown more personally and professionally than I thought possible.”


Cole Szeszulski

Student | Michigan Technology University

BS Theatre and Entertainment Technology 2019 | Michigan Technology University
“Being a student trying to break into the professional world of Theater and Entertainment is a scary thing. You may have worked on a plethora of shows and projects but the foot in the door to show off what you know is hard to get. A great deal of our industry relies heavily on reputation and who knows who which is something that many people don’t have. Irene took the time to get to know what I had done and my knowledge base and was able to find a position that I enjoyed and thrived in. In one summer, I had worked on projects that I would have never dreamed of and gained a lot more skills then I had coming in the door.”


Luke Tarnow-Bulatowicz

Technical Design and Production M.F.A. Candidate 2024 | Yale School of Drama
“Irene’s talent is finding, recruiting, and placing creative minds into positions that complement the company and the employee alike. As a student I have had difficulty navigating the array of employers and cutting my way into the entertainment industry. Irene’s guidance and mentorship has propelled me into feeling confident about the current direction of my career. I first met Irene at USITT when I was a Sophomore at the University of Buffalo, she assisted me in finding an internship that was an incredible opportunity to gain experience in technical theater automation. Irene’s services extend far beyond placement, she is an invaluable resource across the entire ongoing career definition and development journey of career. I have a clear vision of where I want to be in five years and am confident in the steps I need to take to get there.”


Zachary Schmitt

Consultant | Fisher Dachs Associates

MFA Theatre and Drama | University of Wisconsin – Madison
“Irene was instrumental in helping find my eventual employment. I was freshly out of grad school and learning the professional industry in real time. She helped me get connected with the perfect employer who was looking to fill a position fitting my skill set and experience. Her assistance allowed me to get into contact with the right people at the right time, leading to what will hopefully the best start to a long and successful career.”


Matt Stuttgen

Project Manager | Texas Scenic Company – HQ

MFA Design and Technology | University of South Dakota
“Irene was very instrumental in helping me to find my current career. I interviewed with Irene five years ago at USITT, and last May she contacted me about a job opportunity at Texas Scenic. At first, I could not believe that someone would hold onto my information that long, keeping me in mind as positions came up that I might be a fit for, but she did! After I was hired, she mentored me through the process to ensure the best footing in the company I could, and then followed up with me periodically to just check in. Irene truly cares about helping the people she is working with to ensure they are positioned to achieve their own success.”


Preston Sullivan

Engineer | Texas Scenic Company – SE

MFA Production Design and Technology | Ohio University
“As a professional in the world of technical theatre and entertainment technology, I had an easy time finding my first jobs working as a carpenter and stagehand. After nearly 10 years, I gained a wealth of experience, a Graduate Degree, and the freedom to move into roles with much more responsibility. At that point, finding a team with which I could work long term proved difficult. Irene found me and not only expanded my understanding of how my skills could be applied to similar industries but set me up with my current job. It is the first time I have felt I am building a career.”

Ramonita Amadis

Controller | Texas Scenic Company – NE
“I have worked with Ms. Irene Byrne Ohl for 20 years. She has an energy and drive that inspires me to grow and stretch myself in my career. Under her guidance, I have increased my knowledge and skills. She has always believed that I could do whatever I wanted. She has a vision for all who capture her attention, especially women entrepreneurs. She has a gift to see the strengths in people and place them in positions best suited for them. Ms. Irene Byrne Ohl is a wonderful person who goes above and beyond!!”


Evan Vollweiler

Design Engineer | Texas Scenic Company – NE

BE Mechanical Engineering | Stony Brook University
“When I was scouted by Irene, I had been contemplating changing my employer due to substandard pay and loss of moral attributed to a hostile work environment. I knew I wanted to continue to learn and develop as a mechanical engineer with a company that valued my skill set. I am now happily employed with a company that has gone out there way to nurture and advance my skills and has even helped me begin my training as a Practicing Engineer. Without Irene’s help none of this would be possible.”


Robert Billings

Project Manager | Texas Scenic Company – HQ

BS Theatre and Entertainment Technology | Michigan Technology University
“If you find yourself in contact with Irene Byrne Ohl, consider yourself quite lucky. She specializes in placing up-and-coming talent into roles where they can expand their knowledge and prosper. From that first moment, she begins finding openings that match your experience and desires. Since my first day as a Project Manager, I have found my college degree’s concentration has given me an edge in the construction industry that I would never have realized on my own. She truly works one-on-one to ensure the best opportunities for her clients.”


Collin Huse

Technical Director | FSU Opera

MFA Technical Production | Florida State University
“The recruitment process with Irene was a pleasure. In your first interaction with her you can’t help but notice her enthusiasm and her expertise. She communicated thoroughly and consistently throughout the following interviews. Irene naturally connects with people on a personal level and makes the recruitment process enjoyable.”


Josh Winiarski

Assistant Project Manager | Texas Scenic Company – NE

BFA Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology | University of Connecticut

“Irene Byrne Ohl helped me to find a long term career, working with some of the most talented and passionate people I have had the pleasure of knowing. After finishing college, I was put in touch with Irene who went above and beyond to find me a position that was the right fit for me and my skill set. Now I have job that I love with people who want to help me grow and see me succeed. I would not be as successful as I am now without Irene’s guidance.”