Peter Rosenbaum

Associate Principal | Fisher Dachs Associates Theatre Planning and Design

“Zac Schmitt is really working out extremely well here….it’s like he was made for FDA. Thanks again for the referral…much appreciated!”

Kevin Cushing

Sales and Service | Texas Scenic Company – NE MFA | University of Connecticut

“Irene Byrne Ohl has all the connections and knows all the players. She is very adept at recognizing personality and skills and matching those characteristics where they fit best. She can be the GPS between technical theatre programs and the professional industry, ensuring that both employee and employer find their way to each other.”

Brian Shaughnessy

Project Manager | Texas Scenic Company – NE MFA | Florida State University

“Irene specializes in finding talented individuals and placing them within companies where they can continue to grow and develop professionally. Irene advocates for and understands that an individual’s contribution to a company is more than just a job description or resume. She looks for the next generation of industry leaders who are motivated to succeed. I first met Irene in my final year of graduate school and have since worked to design and install theatrical rigging systems for high profile clients such as MoMA, the New York Stock Exchange, and Harvard Business School.”

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